Everyday Inspiration

It’s another gorgeous morning in New Mexico. Every day we are grateful to live here. Every day brings a beautiful moment–today’s was waking up to the sounds of crows flying over our house and coyotes yapping over the success of their morning meal.

Aspen and SkyEverywhere we look, we find inspiration. From the aroma of coffee brewing to the vast expanse of blue sky on our way to work, to interactions with our team, we are brought to new ideas and new heights of thought.

We’re able to spend every working day with people who are a joy to be around. Some days it’s Gordon and his silly antics, or Santiago’s successful shot while playing nerf PIG. A wide-ranging conversation about corporate structure with Leon and our CPA, or hearing Tracy holler across the office for the developers to come take a look at something. Maybe it’s talking provider interactions with Reba and Rebecca while looking at photos of Reba’s successful hunt and Rebecca’s husband, Mike, who is heading off to “judge school”. Or convincing Jon to watch The Princess Bride (which he very nicely quoted in a subsequent meeting). Then listening to Anthony talk about Disney in the same breath as SQL integration. Sometimes it’s wondering if Adrian really did ride around in a kangaroo pouch as a child (?), or overhearing Jen keeping the contractors in line while making them laugh at the same time. Whatever the day brings, we are inspired.

We look forward to sharing more of our inspiration with all of you.

Mindy Hale & Pamela Koster